Set web view as default?

Is there a way to make Writer documents open in Web View by default?

Well, yes (but I would not recommend that).

Open Expert configuration (in Options-Advanced). Navigate to org.openoffice.TypeDetection.Filter/Filters, and for each filter that you need (possible candidates: writer8, MS Word 2007 XML, Office Open XML Text, etc), change DocumentService from to

Why wouldn’t you recommend it?

Simply because it’s untested (by me) configuration. I just figured it when read your question.

It works, but not I can’t use tracking, or locate where the tracking toolbar is. Do you have any suggestions? The title changes to “LibreOffice Writer/Web”

Why does webview as default lacks features? - Ask LibreOffice

  1. Record a macro
  2. Tool > Macro > Organize Macros > LibreOffice Basic. Click Assign
  3. On the Events tab, choose LibreOffice in the Save in drop down then assign the macro.