Show sum of cells in Calc's status bar

I’d like to show the sum of some cells in Calc’s status bar. I know this can be done, as shown in this wide Calc window:
wide calc window with status bar sum.png.

But I want Calc to occupy a narrower window, which doesn’t show the sum:
medium width calc window without sum in status bar.png

Can Calc show the sum in a narrower window?


Try to narrow the window by steps (take the toolbar buttons as reference). When the field Standard Formula, Date/Time, Error Warning hides, return the window to near full width and again to a not so narrow width.

It will help also to hide the Average: formula.

I think that it is a bit system/version dependant.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Thanks Leroy. Your suggestion to show just ‘sum’, and not ‘average’ helps a little.

But the algorithm that calculates the widths of the components of the statusbar is very strange. It makes discontinuous jumps in the size and visibility of the information it shows, and it has a great deal of hysteresis. The same width of the window shows very different data depending on whether it is being shrunk or expanded. See 3 stages of the window being shrunk:
A wide window:
wide calc.png

A slightly narrower window still showing sum:
narrower calc still showing sum.png

A slightly narrower window with sum gone:
slightly narrower calc without sum.png

As a result, I cannot show the sum at the width of the window I want.

I wish Calc let a user hide some of the statusbar elements. I don’t need several of them, such as the language.

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You can add a enhancement request at


There is an open request for this → tdf#92406

Now I don’t recall personally trying this, but in the request (comment #15) there is a possibility of modifying it. This may be use to you.


NOTE!!! Make a backup copy of file before modifications. Safety first!

Gave the mod a try. As a quick test, removed .uno:LanguageStatus line from Calc xml file. This is result:

image description

Prior needed much wider view. This is less than 1/2 screen. Would need to delete more if average were to be added.

Thanks to Regina Henschel

Just another quick note, Copied the system xml file to the user config area and tested with that. Since it overrides the system file it can be safer to modify.

Worked without a problem.

Ubuntu 20.4 with LO