Split vertical scroll

Briefly, how to split a spreadsheet view vertically, where the left side stays put and the right side scrolls?

I finally decided on a sheet and data layout that views acceptably, but I want the ability to scroll the entire window height on the right side, about 50 rows on-screen. What I settled with is a graph on the left and 500 rows of inverted graph data series to the right; the data row count will increase as new data is inserted at the top-most row.

The best I’ve come up with is freezing at the graph bottom with about ten rows to scroll below the freeze, but it’s like a gun slit. I created names to jump to, about every 50 rows, but I’d prefer the entire window height at a glance, for context. Efforts to manipulate the view with freeze, split, or graph anchor, have proven fruitless. I feel that manually tiling windows isn’t very integrated with the file.


Menu Window - New window. Resize both windows side by side.

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Could you try New window?

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Back to your window; that which I thought I had commented on previously. Yes, but it’s a workaround but not very subtle. It’s not very encapsulated, more LO environment than file; not part of file save, not automatic, not dockable, and requires user participation and understanding. I might use it myself but it’s not the integrated look I was hoping for, so I’ll add that point to the question. Still hoping for a tile-like feature as my original brief described, splitting the vertical scroll.


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LG: Just letting it stew to see if somebody knows of a capability that’s already exists.


In the bug report page (previous link), you can search for “split window” or similar text to see if there are already a request for this feature.

The request is not possible. Due to time and complexity, I have decided not to request a feature.