System collapse

After Greetings
The system crashes every time and files are lost where a note appears that it is not responding and then the crash occurs and the system instructs me to use safe mode and so on always what is the solution

It happened with Impress only, or it happened with one file only?
What filetype was what it happened with?
Where (what location or storage device) you tried to open the file from?

I’m going to make a screenshot because I’m using Google Translator
Your third question, I do not understand, please explain further

Do you want to open it from an E-mail attachment?
Or from a USB thumbdrive?
Or directly from a WEB page?
Or from your locale HDD?
…Or other?

This is the answer

Can you upload a problematic Impress .odp file here?

I’m not sure what the answer is I forgot but the answer I remember that comes to mind is that it happened with two types of software
Impressive libreoffice writer and libreoffice

Which version of the LibreOffice are you using?

LibreOffice 7.4

Try an older Portable LibreOffice version, and if that works, downgrade your permanently installed version.

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Information that may be important
Before the crash, every time the system warns me to restore files and they are found in the program shortcut

Did you undo this action or would you like me to attach a copy?

Ok I will do as you directed me and if the problem persists come back even though I am using Windows 10 Pro but there seems to be a compatibility issue I think

If you upload one, I will try it with many versions of the AOO and LO.

You what you want to discover the error. These are some of the files that have been affected by the problem
For example, but not limited
ترك الخصومة عبدالمحسن الحميد.odt (22.8 KB)
غير معنون 2.odp (12.5 KB)

Your sample files open, and work fine with various versions of the LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice (included the LO 7.4.0 x64 WinPenPack portable version) on my Win 10 x64. I can edit them, save them, and reopen them without any crashing.

Since downloading a copy, there have been many crashes. your words are wrong
In any case, I installed what you indicated, and in case of any problem, I am back now and it works fine I will then take a screenshot to prove it to you

I will read the features of each version in the event that it is necessary to download the latest version, I will come back to solve this problem. Currently, the version you referred to does the job.

You are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved me at a critical time. Have a nice day. Be well

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Unfortunately, the system collapsed again