Table - row vertical alignment

I want text to be vertically centred in each row.

I set Row height > Fit to size. (or Optimized if whole table selected).
Table properties > Text flow > Alignment > Centred.
Text is aligns with top of row (whatever alignment I select)

I tried also in Paragraph, though this does not seem to apply in tables.
In context menu (right click) Paragraph > Alignment > Text-ti-text > Middle.

In order to achieve centred alignment I have to manually increase the row height to several times the character height, which leads to an unacceptable table size.

Is this a bug, or is there some reason this has to be?

See this discussion, seems to be solved by LO 7.3.x

Results may vary, if the row splits over to pages.

Text-to-text is useful when you have different text size in the same line.

Can you edit your question, and share a reduced sample file that shows this issue? Thanks.

I am using
Here is a sample file.
Chló_samples.odt (54.5 KB)

Here is a reduced sample, with >size>fit to size
vert align.odt (36.9 KB)

And a sample in common Roman typefaces without any diacritics.
vert align_roman.odt (18.7 KB)

Instead of the paragraph spacing, you can set the paragraph border top and bottom padding to 0.25, or set the padding for the table border. One option or the other will affect the extent the background color area.


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@LeroyG Thanks for adding some other important information. Border paddings (paragraph border; table border) are interesting options for sophisticated formatting.

Check the paragraph style of the table’s text (it is Text Body). You used only Spacing below, I addionally set Spacing above (to 0.25). Only this. See Screenshot.
Be advised that paragraphs have and need their style also in tables. After having altered the style each paragraph which is built on this style alters, an easy method, isn’t it? HTH

Last pages: Table row height → Fit to size (Yours was not fitted but 0.1 mm)

Chló_samples_ParagraphStyle-RowHeight.odt (38.0 KB)


Ah! That does it. Many thanks :grinning:

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