Toolbar text is white and not really visible

As you can see the color of the toolbar text is white/greyish and not really visible, only when hovered with the cursor you can see it a little bit. Everything else works fine though. Actually, I’m using the standard color theme of LO, icon set is Colibre, and LO Theme is Dark.

Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.

If you expect an answer, edit your question (answers are reserved for solutions) to add LO version and system name. Clarify " using the standard color theme" vs. “LO Theme is Dark”. You probably customised LO because default look does not use themes. Do you experience the same problem with another or default theme?

Guess I should not expect too much from LO community if LO breaks for no reason lol Anyways thanks


You can do your bit also (you are part of the community).

When this come to happen?

By the tooltip, all I can guess is that you are using a MAC on German language.

I am having the same problem, looks almost identical to the picture.

It seems to be happening in the “Tabbed” and the “Tabbed Compact” UI variants.
UI text is white on white, regardless of the theme settings under Options/LibreOffice/Personalization.

Tried changing the Application Colors under Options/LibreOffice/Application Colors, but there does not seem to be a setting for menu background, nor menu text.
I am running LibreOffice 64 bit on Windows 10 Pro 19041, LibreOffice is relatively freshly installed.

It’s not Windows related, as I have the same observation on a freshly installed LO on Arch Linux ( with default configuration

I struggled with this for some time and discovered to fix this in Windows you have to stop using themes.
Tools > Options > Libreoffice > Personalisation
Select “Default look, do not use Themes”
Close and then reopen LibreOffice and the text colour should be fixed.

Icons you can change (Galaxy looks good), but with any theme applied the toolbar text goes to white without the toolbar background changing from white. This is with the tabbed style toolbar: I didn’t try any others.

I tried every option for this problem but another one worked fine for me.

From Settings->LibreOffice->View->Icon Style

Change it from Automatic to one of the dark themes if you are also using a dark theme for your desktop environment and click apply to observe the change. This changes the foreground color of the MenuItem elements to white so they become visible.