Trying to place two maps in a heart shape in LibreDraw

I am trying to create an anniversary gift for my S.O. I want to insert two images of maps of our home towns into a heart shape. I have never used any kind of drawing software before and I need to get this gift finished soon. Here is the webpage I got the idea from.

Please, is it possible that you upload your two maps here?

Are you asking me to upload the two map images to my original post?

The website is telling me I can only have one embedded media file. So, I’m just gonna post them in the comments separately.

Here is the first map image:

Here is the second map image:

I don’t know if this meets your expectations, but a start has been made.

81027 HB Heart with cards.odg (182,0 KB)

This is now a version in Writer.
81027 HB Heart themes.odt (107,3 KB)

There are two halves, you can group them, for example.

I appreciate it, but I was looking more towards making each side of the heart made of each map, like depicted in the link in my original post.

Awesome, thank you!