Unable to add header/footer

I’m attempting to add page numbers to every page of a pdf in Draw.

I started by searching how to add header/footer and found a forum post saying to use Insert ->Header and Footer->Footer->Default Style. (Frequently asked questions - Writer - The Document Foundation Wiki)This option no longer exists under Insert. So I find out that the option has been moved to View->Styles->Page Styles (Creating and Applying Page Styles). Well, there is no page styles icon. It seems that all the guides are outdated…

So how can I add page numbers to every page?

Your links above are both in reference to Writer documents so it is probably not surprising that the advice for Draw is different. See if these topics help:

How to add page numbers to Draw document

The simple task of adding page numbers to a LibreDraw document

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Header and footer don’t make sense in Draw. Draw is drawing application which doesn’t manage consistent test flow(s). PDF on its side is a format which destroys any structure in a text to convert it into a collection of shapes (most of them being text boxes) which are independently positioned in pages as graphics elements. This makes editing PDF text files very tedious with serious limitations.

If you want to add page numbers, this must be done manually on every page. Another solution is to recreate a Writer document by copying text from PDF (use a PDF viewer for that as it usually rebuilds some sort of text flow) and pasting it into a blank Writer file. Next, restyle text. Adding header/footer is then a treat.