Unable to install Spanish language in 7.1.0 in Catalina

I have downloaded the latest version of the program and the Spanish language pack several times.

But I have never been able to install it: after clicking on the second step and selecting the program in the applications folder, I get an alert:

“/Applications/LibreOffice.app/Esta no es una instalación válida de LibreOffice 7.1.
Ejecute el instalador de nuevo y elija una instalación válida de LibreOffice 7.1
Botón Instalar”

"/Applications/LibreOffice.app/ This is not a valid installation of LibreOffice 7.1.
Run the installer again and choose a valid LibreOffice 7.1 installation
Install button "

I have made several attempts, with different downloads of this version, and it never succeeds. If with the previous or earlier.

I have deleted all LibreOffice folders in my user library, but it doesn’t solve anything. I can only install older versions, any, but not the latest. What’s happening? It can be fixed?


it’s a bug (tdf#134607) in the installation script of the language pack - for a workaround check answer to question Can't install Dutch language pack on MacOS

Hope that helps.

I replied in the other thread inadvertently, it worked perfectly for me for the mentioned version, thanks.

However, now I am updating to the new version and the same thing happens again.
And the same trick doesn’t work for me. I will have to try rebooting or something else. I have even forced exit from the finder, to test without result. Pity. I see that this way of installing the language packs does not quite work with the new Apple systems. Is that why they are abandoning support for systems like 10.11?

You can bypass the check if you are sure that Libreoffice and Libreoffice Language Pack are for the same code.

If that… copy LibreOffice Language Pack.app to desktop

Right click it and select show content, go to Content Resources and open with some texteditor osx_install.applescript

In line 127 to 133 add before the code two -
like this

– now only check whether the path is really from LibreOffice
– do shell script “mdls --raw --name kMDItemFSName --name kMDItemVersion " & quoted form of (choice as string) & " | xargs -0 | fgrep ‘LibreOffice.app 7.2’”
–on error
– display dialog (choice as string) & appInvalid buttons {InstallLabel} default button 1 with icon 0
– return 3 --wrong target-directory
–end try

save and execute LibreOffice Language Pack.app