vertical text

Not sure if this is a feature request or a bug, nevertheless, I have a docx file with a grouped set of lines (made into a grid) and vertical text. The LO file looks completely different. If this could be resolved I’d be able to convert all my work files to LO. The vertical text doesn’t match up and the grouped lines are not in the right place or size.

docx file: Lines and Vertical Labels.docx

odt file: Lines and Vertical Labels.odt

How did you create the .odt file? The .doc file contains 2 “draw objects” and the .odt one only 1. Since they are inserted graphical objects, your problem has nothing to do with Writer vertical text management.

Taking your .docx and saving it as .odt, conversion runs smoothly and the resulting .odt is identical to .docx.

Was the .odt produced by M$ Word? What is your LO version and your OS? Please answer by editing your question; answers are reserved for solutions.