What formats does the Libre Office 4.1 support?

What formats does the 4.1 version support, cause I couldn’t find the answer on the web?

LibreOffice supports a large variety of file formats. What are you explicitly interested in? Word processing file formats? Spreadsheet formats? Presentation formats? Graphics formats? Audio and video formats?

From my questions, you see that it is in fact a very long list of supported file types. You get an idea from this table (albeit a bit outdated): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LibreOffice#Supported_file_formats

Another source (up to date) is the comparison table with Microsoft Office. There you find the file types that are supported additionally to the ones supported by Microsoft Office 2013 anyways.

This means that formats which are supported by both, LO 4.1 and MS Office 2013, are not listed in the table. All in all, LO 4.1 supports many more formats than MS Office. A couple of file formats (e.g. Adobe Freehand and Apple Keynote) will be added in version 4.2.