Writer export to PDF - form font issues

Does the setting:

File>Properties>Fonts>Embed fonts in the document

Have any effect on fonts available in a Form Text Box field in a document exported to PDF?

Or does this setting only affect text within the document?

Can a TextBox only use (or default to) a font that is available on the destination device with a Writer document exported to PDF?


should …

As far as I can tell, the form fields always use Helvetica or the substitute for Helvetica. Only the size and style (bold, etc.) set in the Control properties are carried through.
In the attached .odt I set the form fields to use Google font UnifrakturMaguntia and I even wrote out the alphabet into the document so that all letters would be available, but it is still Helvetica substitute in the form.
Test104751EA.odt (31.7 KB)
Test104751EA.pdf (47.7 KB)

Usually I’d start checking, if the font is really set for the textboxes, but the following seems to hint it is a “choice” of the pdf-reader:

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