Writer: how to change the external tool to edit images

Hi, when I try to edit an image by right clicking “edit with an external tool” it takes me to an application that I woul like to change but I can’t understand how to di it. To be clear: it no longer offers me the list of possible alternative applications
How can I do?
I am using Libreoffice

You have to set this in your operating system. Example Windows: Here you can define for each image file type (jpg, png etc.) with which standard program should be opened.

Ok, it works, but I woul like to make my choise as needed every time I need

As already mentioned, it is a problem of your operating system, not of LibreOffice.

To edit with Gimp, copy the image, Gimp->File->Create->From Clipboard. Then edit the image using Gimp, then export, then in LibreofficeWriter->Replace with the exported image. What a bother!

In my operating syste, (Linux/KDE) when I open a file with a left click, I get the default app, when I I open it with a right click I get a choice of apps. Why not make LibreOffice do the same?

This is not an answer, rather a complaint, then of-topic.

Any feature request should go to https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ in order to reach developers. Here we are only users helping users.