Writer: how to change the external tool to edit images

Hi, when I try to edit an image by right clicking “edit with an external tool” it takes me to an application that I woul like to change but I can’t understand how to di it. To be clear: it no longer offers me the list of possible alternative applications
How can I do?
I am using Libreoffice

You have to set this in your operating system. Example Windows: Here you can define for each image file type (jpg, png etc.) with which standard program should be opened.

Ok, it works, but I woul like to make my choise as needed every time I need

As already mentioned, it is a problem of your operating system, not of LibreOffice.

This is a non-sensical proposal. If I click “edit with external tool” I do not want to “open” the document but “edit” it. I do not want to set image editor as a default tool to “open” images, as it takes ages to load. There are image viewers and image editors which are two complete different types of software. The image viewer is often a system tool, or something like infranview. The image editor is GIMP or Photoshop.

This is a non-sensical comment. If a user asked a question, and another user provided something that worked, and the asker said “it works”, it can’t be “a non-sensical proposal”. But commenting like @lacek did can only someone who does not understand where one should file bug reports and enhancement requests.

To edit with Gimp, copy the image, Gimp->File->Create->From Clipboard. Then edit the image using Gimp, then export, then in LibreofficeWriter->Replace with the exported image. What a bother!

In my operating syste, (Linux/KDE) when I open a file with a left click, I get the default app, when I I open it with a right click I get a choice of apps. Why not make LibreOffice do the same?

This is not an answer, rather a complaint, then of-topic.

Any feature request should go to https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ in order to reach developers. Here we are only users helping users.

To edit with Gimp, copy the image, Gimp > Ctrl+Shift+V.