Writer: prompt for data?

Bump: Does anyone know a solution … or is what I want impossible ?

Hi guys,

I would like to create a Writer template file in which each time after opening I would like to change some data (like a name and address).

Of course I could put something like this in the file:



and so on … and then manually overwrite is.

But … I wonder if it possible to have the file prompt for this information as soon as I open it. So I open the file and then a pop-up box appears asking for the name … I enter the name and then a new pop-up box appears asking for the street and so on. After I’ve entered all data in the pop-up boxes, this data is used in the file to replace the name, street and so on. Is that possible … if so, could someone explain how to do something like that and/or maybe post a file with an example? I would appreciate it very very much!

Interesting question, definitely following.


If I understand the question correctly, what you ask is the normal operation of the input fields inserted in a template.

In the PromptForData.ott attached I uses InsertFieldMore FieldsFunctions tab▸Input Field

  • When creating a document based on this template, two dialog boxes open to enter the fields.
  • When opening a document (not the template) already created, dialogs do not open by default. You can trigger the opening by pressing Shift+Ctrl+F9.

It is also possible (but not mandatory) to store this action in a macro associated with the Open document event as in the attached example.


Thanks very much!! This works very nice and was exactly what I was looking for.

I don’t need to set any macro at all. As soon as I create a new document based on the template, it automatically prompts for input. Very nice!

I don’t see any value to this but here is one solution. Use a table and a macro attached to the Open Document. The macro is simple. Use input box to get information & move it into the table.

Sample: InsertText.odt

Sample contains a table with one column & four rows. Left the outer border visible so you can see where it is.

The are other ways to do this using macros & cursors. This was easiest to post. For further info, refer to Writer section in OOME.