Add brackets to footnotes anchor

because the footnote anchor is not visible in some style formatting i want put the footnote anchor between brackets so as yo make it more visible.
i can add the brackets with the find and replace but because it is not automatically done i don’t want to use it, i may add other footnotes or i may delete the brackets later.

in this post there is workaround: How do I format a footnote anchor? - #2 by PYS

i want to use that workaround,
i have downloaded the font from here: “Linux Libertine G and Linux Biolinum G for LibreOffice and desktop publishing, OpenType to Graphite conversion” and i have installed: LinLibertine_R_G.ttf, but it is not shown in libreoffice? i also tried to installed it from the pacman of manjaro (package manager). but it is still not shown in libreoffice while it is shown in the font manager of manjaro:

edit: this post: Linux Libertine wrong on Ubuntu based distros - #2 by RGB-es
suggest using libertinus font instead of libertine
i have installed Libertinus fonts and it is not shown in libreoffice.

OS: Manjaro
save format: odt
LO: Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 420(Build:2)
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 6.9; UI render: default; VCL: kf6 (cairo+wayland)
Locale: ar-DZ (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

As a workaround:
Made it bold.
Add some background color.
Add a dark wide bottom line:

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Not sure to understand your question: you talk about footnote anchor and switches to font issues.
You didn’t mention your OS (assuming it is some Linux distro), LO version and save format.

First let’s try to clarify.
A footnote anchor is the identifier used in the main text (frequently a number) to indicate there is additional information at bottom of page.
The footnote anchor is repeated at start of footnote text. I’ll call it footnote number (even if ti no number) to make a distinction with the first one.

The anchor in main text is entirely under your control (or at least its neighbouring). Consequently, if you want brackets arround the anchor, type them manually.
You’ll object they don’t look the same as the anchor itself. You fix this by selecting the whole sequence, opening bracket-anchor-closing bracket, and applying character style Footnote Anchor.

At bottom of page, you can’t play the same because you can’t select the number nor insert manually anything before or after it. But this is managed by Tools>Footnotes & Endnotes. In the AutoNumbering section, put your brackets in Before and After. They’ll be added automatically to the repeated number and styled Footnote Characters, just like the number.

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if i have more than 100 footnotes in a file that will be a tired task.

LibreOffice normally needs to be restarted before it can see newly installed fonts.

The :circ= also works with Linux Biolinum but once again it splits into two bracketed numbers after 20 so numbering per page is needed.
You could use the usual font but select the circled numbers in Endnote/Footnote Settings. They run out of circles at 50 I think, so per page again. It is harder to distinguish the number so you would need to increase the superscript size or set them to Normal.

it is shown now after restarting the laptop. (i tried restarting libreoffice but it was not shown)

but the cir is not showing, this is the file:

FootNote(2).odt (11.5 KB)

I don’t have Libertinus Sans but to check if circ is included. You can do it: right click Footnote Anchor character style, open the Font tab and click the Features button.

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very helpful. i did not see it before.
thank you. i have removed the font and re-installed it again and it is working.

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