Can I migrate data from Filemaker Pro?

We are retired and no longer want to pay for Filemaker Pro. We just need to migrate our personal database from Filemaker Pro to LibreOffice or some other free service, so we can open and use it. We have a iMac computer. Is this possible with LibreOffice, and how do we go about the process?

Please see answer provided by Ratslinger. In addition, to use LibreOffice Base you will need to install JDK / openJDK which can be obtained here:


That is not true if the database used is Firebird embedded or a variety of others not requiring JAVA. HSQLDB embedded does require it but personally I try to avoid its’ use. Better to use HSQLDB split (also requires JAVA).

However even if the database doesn’t require JAVA, you will lose some functionality if not installed - Wizards & Report Builder for example.

@Ratslinger Good info.
Excellent to know the specifics but as the docs state you should install JRE to setup Base. Of course advanced users can make their own choices.
To use Base, you need to use a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Please go to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced to select a JRE from those installed on your computer.

Sorry, don’t see this as something for “advanced users” - had those wanting no JAVA. Also the documentation you point to is from v5.1 in 2016. There is much newer documentation here


Doing this with csv files may be you best method. Please see these posts:

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And this will probably be of help:

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