Can the issue adding gradient fill colours be solved?

Hi, I am facing issue adding gradient fill colours on LibreOffice draw, after I choose a colour and go to select another colour, it gets back to default colours of Light green 4 and light red 4, can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

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Works here perfectly but since the dialog looks different then mine (, I guess you have a different version.

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I don’t understand your procedure.
First, is it a Draw or Writer problem? You tagged here draw and you mention Writer in tdf#150894.
Is it a question of defining user styles with custom colours? I did that and it works. When I reopen the file then the styles and the custom colours are there.
Is it a matter of reusing some customisation in other documents? In this case, if the customisation is defined as direct formatting, no hope. You can import styles but the best way is to define a template file.

That is a problem with adding a gradient fill in the page style dialog, see bug tdf#103916 too. Workaround: First insert a dummy shape, define and add the gradient in the area dialog of the dummy shape, then use it in the page style, and then delete the dummy shape.