Can the issue adding gradient fill colours be solved?

Hi, I am facing issue adding gradient fill colours on LibreOffice draw, after I choose a colour and go to select another colour, it gets back to default colours of Light green 4 and light red 4, can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

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Works here perfectly but since the dialog looks different then mine (, I guess you have a different version.

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I don’t understand your procedure.
First, is it a Draw or Writer problem? You tagged here draw and you mention Writer in tdf#150894.
Is it a question of defining user styles with custom colours? I did that and it works. When I reopen the file then the styles and the custom colours are there.
Is it a matter of reusing some customisation in other documents? In this case, if the customisation is defined as direct formatting, no hope. You can import styles but the best way is to define a template file.

That is a problem with adding a gradient fill in the page style dialog, see bug tdf#103916 too. Workaround: First insert a dummy shape, define and add the gradient in the area dialog of the dummy shape, then use it in the page style, and then delete the dummy shape.


Sorry about the draw tag, as the issue mainly pertains to Writer (though I also tried it with Drawing and Presentation). As explained [here](Custom gradient colors missing after saving: where are they? and see all comments) the issue is not any inability to create custom gradient colors, nor having them rendered again the same saved ODT upon reopening it, but that of saving the added custom color scheme so that, as with custom colors, it is available for future use.

Meaning for instance, if I u open up a document, and then right click in the page, and hit Page styles, and then Gradient, and then chose and modify one and hit Add to create a customized one and name it (+ hit OK), and save the document as odt (though I also tried it with Drawing and Presentation), and close and reopen it, and then repeat the steps to get to Gradient, then the scheme that you named is there for you to choose?

Since the create custom gradient schemes can vary minutely as well as greatly, then it would helpful to be able save them rather than needing to recreate them when one wants to use them on a different

@PeaceByJesus , Did you also read everything?

How is that going to solve the problem of custom gradients schemes not being saved for use in other documents, as well as in the same document after you close and reopen the document (the scheme is retained but not as a named one that can be applied to other frames, page styles)? See Bug 150894 – Added Gradients Not Saved in documents (ODT, ODG)

please, can you help me to understand why your comment, although clearly tagged “draw” at the beginning of this topic, is understood as a Writer question from your side?

Sorry for replying to this as if it was a response to a question I asked about increasing the scrollbar and slider size in windows, which question I quickly thought was what you were responding to.

In any case, my question draws attention to the problem in writer, however I understand that “Can the issue adding gradient fill colours be solved?” should be restricted to the specific module in the topic tag. Thanks for the needed correction.