Can typographic quotes be switched off for

I saw some code on this site, where typographic quotes replaced the original quotes.

Example far down in this question:

It contains the following block:

SELECT * FROM “tArtist_Song” ORDER BY ( SELECT “Song_Title” FROM “tSongs” WHERE “ID” = “tArtist_Song”.“SongID” )

As this usually breaks the code, you can’t copy/ paste the code back.
While I recommend to read anything before you paste, I don’t think it is useful on this site to have this replacement. I am assuming this smart replacement is done by the discord-software wich runs this site.

So the question is, where to switch this off…

Mark up code as, yes, code. Learn to use Markdown.

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Well, @Wanderer may post his formulas (and other code) with the correct quotes using the tool for Preformatted Text or otherwise. But he (f/m) still will get errors if he pastes formulas posted by others without using the appropriate tool.

Shouldn’t the admins switch off “typographic quotes” for such a technical site completely?
I would vote +3.

This is an international site in English language. Neither English, nor American nor ‘Somewhereelses’ specifics concerning the quotation marks nor the stubborn (and silly) date-time formats still used here or there (and this differntly in English speaking countries) are suitable for it. Concerning the date-time the bad current state is very counterproductive. Many users wasted and waste again their time to help users out of their calamities caused by lacking understanding for date-time values and their formatting in spreadsheets. Let’s stick to international standards wherever possible.

(I even am afraid that bad practice here and there may make uneducated people believe, the -very bad- US habits are something like a global standard.)

BTW: I would like to once again draw attention to the issue addressed here: Why do I often get an error (508, 504, 502 e.g.) if I paste a Calc formula from some post into my sheet?.

If you want to paste something from an existing posting, consider a simple workaround: click on “Show more → Edit this post”. Try doing it with this one :-).

However, I don’t exactly often copy/paste malformatted code or formulas, and if I do, I get along.
I would like to get the site “better”. A meta thread might even be read by somebody who may feel concerned.

A user actually having the problem may not be allowed to edit the respective post…

Well, your “better” is apparently opposite to mine here. I find the postings to look better due to the feature in question. This site’s engine does provide a tool to present chunks of code as they should be. Some lazy or […] users do not use proper tools, but I don’t think this should be a reason to disable certain features.

P. S. Irrespective of the feature, I use proper quotation marks and apostrophes here :slight_smile:

(slightly edited by @LeroyG)

I just added the little overview to the How to use guide.

I thought the purpose of this site was to help people, even if they didn’t read all the docs. But if beauty of the site is a main concern, then typographic features are mandatory.

I’m more on the side of Lupp. The constraints here may be a nuisance for me, but I also think for many users of a office-suite the idea of learning markdown before posting here will come as a surprise…

Can always use three back ticks followed by the word text:

SELECT * FROM "tArtist_Song" ORDER BY ( SELECT "Song_Title" FROM "tSongs" WHERE "ID" = "tArtist_Song"."SongID" ) 

Note: got this from @erAck when he modified another post.

The ```text though was to force the code block to monochrome as multiple functions in Basic code somehow lead to an ugly all red formatting starting at the second function block.

Usually a simple ``` without any trailing text (not even blanks) on its own line does some nicely automatically coloured formatting. One can force a language though like




but apparently not for Basic.


Thanks, I got it.

I marked this as solution, as I think this works for me.

On a general view, I think it is not the best choice for a site where newbees ask questions about code. But ok, it is said people learn from errors, so there is no reason to make the world to easy to use…

More options for code snippets found here at discourse: