drag checkboxes with control options?

Is there a way to use the cell handle or something to drag a checkbox the same as we can drag a formula from a cell so the cells the handle is dragged to update the formula according to the rows or columns the handle is drug to? I have a bunch of checkboxes I want to copy vertically in a column. Do I have to copy/paste each one in every cell one by one and then set each one’s linked cell one by one?

With design mode off it doesn’t copy-drag the checkbox. With design mode on there isn’t a handle to drag and copy the checkbox with.


Do you want to be sure to use the checkbox as a control? Would you like to see an alternative solution?

Thanks! That’s really cool! I couldn’t get it to work how I need it to though. See the attached example I added to the question. The attached file is not the project it’s an example of what I want to do. The project this is for has 1200+ cells on different sheets that need a checkbox that does this. Add 1200 checkboxes one by one? Please tell me there’s an easy way to insert multiple checkboxes like there is in MS Excel and Google Sheets.

In Excel or Google Sheets all we have to do is select the cells we want the checkbox in, go to insert > checkbox and it’s done. I’ve tried copy/pasting checkboxes from Google Sheets. They paste into Libre Calc and OpenOffice Calc as 0s (zeros) or TRUE/FALSE if they’ve been checked/unchecked.

I don’t have a license or access to MS Excel to use it to create this and I’m not willing to spend another year or 2 converting everything over to Google Sheets and not have a local backup that works.

There’s 20 sheets (books) to this and over 30,000 cells.

Please try this CheckBox_by_style.ods

Thanks! I really like that. Is that also going to be lighter on the load times and things like that? I see what I was missing in the macro code, thank you! You have email. I’m going to separate the DataList and missions sheets in to their own document and organize it a little better. I’m open to suggestions. Trying to do most of it myself but if it’s better to use macros I don’t know how to write suggestions and a little guidance would be highly appreciated.
It is getting reorganized, separated and minimized from what you have in email.
I’m considering doing it with forms on a website with a database. Online/Web SQL is easy for me, I don’t know a thing about MS access or whatever the database application is for Libre.

After a day of testing all the suggestions I got checkboxes work best for me. There was a sheet that had a bunch of images on it from an external website I was using to copy and paste all the data from the website and organize it to go on the “dataList” sheet(s). Deleting the images fixed the load time issue, the file is loading fast again even with over 300+ checkboxes on multiple sheets.
Thanks a lot for your suggestions and your time! I really appreciate it!