Draw Arrange not working?

Draw/Arrange doesn’t seem to work (as I expect, anyway). I try bringing an object forward and on-top-of, but the “object” (a white rectangle) never gets partially hidden. Even if I create new boxes, etc, and try arranging I can never get anything “in front” of my white rectangle. I have used MS drawing tools for years and never had problems – I am new to Draw, though.

Campaign Sign.odg (10.6 KB)

I’m trying to hide the tops of the white bars

Ubuntu 22.04

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Difficult to help with so few information. Edit your question to:

  • attach a sample file
  • mention OS name, LO version and save format

When you edit your question or enter a comment, there is an icon in the tool bar looking like a mail basket with an upward arrow. This is the upload tool. When you hover the mouse on the tools, a tooltip describing its function appears.

Which white bars? Your sample file contain one blue rectangle with a blue border and two Bézier curves. The “Shape 1” Bézier curve behaves weirdly as it can’t be brought to front. How did you create it?

Curve: I created half and then mirrored it side-to-side and drew in the rest of the area. I just created a new doc and drew a red rectangle instead of using red “paper”, cut/pasted the white rectangles, cut/pasted the blue at the top and everything worked!

I would still like to know why my original doc did not arrange properly, but I have a working solution.
Campaign Sign 2.odg (11.5 KB)

No idea, but something is wrong in your initial document: when I try to add a new Bézier curve, this curve refuses to be brought to front. And all its duplicates the same.

There’s probably a bad attribute in one of the objects and this attribute can’t be erased.

I tested your 2 sample files and only could notice that both of them seem to be kind of buggy.

  • Campaign Sign.odg - If I cut the rectangle and (Special Paste) and insert as a GDI format I can set it to foreground/background (but not the Bezier curve)
  • Campaign Sign 2.odg - This is - IMHO - a wobbly drawing file as well. When checking the single points of the Bezier curve (blue waving area) they don’t show. The navigator (F5) works badly and I could not select any drawing object with it.

I tried to restore your 2nd file:

  • erased blue Bezier
  • named and grouped the red rectangle and the white rectangles
  • inserted a blue rectangle, converted to Bezier curve, named it, set one additional point (F8) in the middle of the bottom line, altered the ascents (?) of the 3 bottom points
  • blue “flag” can be set to foreground/background if required
  • I did not use any curved single lines for this (your first attempt)

See attached file…

CampaignSign2GrantlerDidTheTrick.odg (12.9 KB)

Many thanks. Glad to see it wasn’t me but makes me appreciate MS a lot more!

You simply hadn’t learnt how to handle Bezier curves the right way in Draw (I know, MSOffice can do as well… :wink:). From my view your statement of appreciatiating MS a lot more for that reason (!) is a bit too enthusiastic, isn’t it?!

I sometimes have to correct DOCX files on Winword 2010 - 2019 (depending on machine) and for the reason that I have lost most experience with Winword for around two decades I wouldn’t say that LibreOffice is the better one. Why? I am no more used to work on Winword so the time I need is a lot more as if I did the same work on LibreOffice. - Cheers

In the original drawing, Shape 1 (Bezier curve) is on layer Layout, the other shapes are on layer Controls. This shouldn’t affect what goes in front, and in fact if I add a new layer, Layer 4, and add a shape to that I can have Shape 1 (Bezier curve) in front of the new object on Layer 4.

It seems that layer Controls goes above all other layers.


@EarnestAl ,
Your assumption is confirmed and justified here (online help):

About Layers

Off topic, Keyboard shortcuts for changing layers:


Thanks for the link. I was going to look it up and check, then add it to my post but the marmalade I was making needed my attention.

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