[Feature request] Ability to make cells in Calc clickable.

I want to be able to click and say yes / no to make decisions. There is a check box feature but it is very buggy and not stable. I often find boxes missing or moved. When that happens I have to investigate the properties and see which cells that are linked to to replace it into the correct position. They are not easy to size and if I want to do a lot of them I can’t just drag and copy as I can with a cell, I have to do them one at a time. It is not intuitive and it’s slow.

It would be so much easier if an actual cell could be deemed clickable and it could change colour or have an image as a tick, cross or whatever.

-1- Feature requests are to file as “enhancement” to bugs.documentfoundation.org
-2- I personally cannot see much use in the clickeria.
-3- If you click on a cell, the sheet event ‘Selection changed’ is generated. You can assign a “macro” to intercept the event and to do whatever you want.

This attached demo demonstrates the mentioned way using the code below.

Sub Test(pEvent)
If NOT pEvent.SupportsService("com.sun.star.sheet.SheetCell") Then Exit Sub
If  pEvent.CellStyle = "csGoDefaultWhenClicked" Then 
    pEvent.CellStyle = "Default"
End If
End Sub

Perhaps you will be satisfied with the solutions given in the answers to this question. I mean files SumByMarked.ods (from answer) or SumByMarkedWithoutMacro.ods (from comments)