How to correct the hierarchy in Navigator to match the TOC?

I’m working on a book using LibreOffice Writer on Windows 10.
Currently, the hierarchy in Navigator is different from TOC. As bookmarks in PDF viewers follow the same order as Navigator, I need it to be in the correct order as TOC while exporting as PDF. Despite using the Paragraph Styles and Chapter Numbering as per the LibreOffice Help articles, I believe something went wrong somewhere.

I’ve attached a dummy text document similar to the one I’m working on. Could someone please take a look and help me to fix this? Thanks in advance.
sample doc.odt (14.9 KB)

See enhancement request tdf#143569
Cheers, Al

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If all Heading1’Part x’ are going in the middle of the page, edit the paragraph style and add space above it and use center alignment.


You put the headings in frames, and then they are not part of the flow of the text, as a result, the navigator doesn’t “know” where they belong in the hierarchy of the text. When you remove the frames and position the headings using space above the paragraph to center them vertically on the page, the navigator lists the subheadings correctly.

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Is it possible to centre the heading vertically and horizontally to the page without frames?

Yes. Horizontal is easy, you do that by setting the alignment to Center.
See attached file. While I was at it, I also removed the tabs and added a first line indent in the formatting.
sample doc edited.odt (14,8 KB)

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Thanks a lot for the help. :slight_smile:

I’ve another scenario similar to this in which I’m unable to find a solution.
In this doc I need the “Lorem” to be in the same level as “Part 1” and Part 2" but with a regular font style instead of the bold. In TOC, I made it possible by assigning a “Content 3” style with 0 spacing (as “Content 1”), but it’s messing up the hierarchy in Navigator. Do you mind taking a look? Thanks for the help and your time. :slight_smile:
doc.odt (14.5 KB)

Please start a new topic for this. The topic was solved, now you add a question, that makes things confusing.

Reason I decided to ask here itself is due to the similarity.
I’ve asked a new question here: Matching Navigator with TOC