How to highlight a cell with the value nearest to another cell?

In a column (B5:B15) I have different values and in cell A19 i type in value and I then want the cell in column B with the nearest value in A19 to light up with a green color. What do I do ?

Here is my sample file with a possible solution:
nearest.ods (11.6 KB)
See the Conditions of the applied Conditional Format feature in the cell range B3:B15.

I know how to highlight the cell but I want to be able to change the value in A19 and make the cell with the closest value in column B highlight

Try to change the value in cell B19 BETWEEN the minimal and the maximal value of the cell range.

@Metallicor: Don’t post images, but sample files.

Sethúsalán roknari.ods (19.2 KB)

A similar question:

List of P10 ect. was just a formula I found online and tried to fit to my sheet

See example. (The additional columns only try to ease the understanding.)
Adapt it to your needs.
disask101785EmphasizeNearestByCF.ods (26.5 KB)