How to move columns/rows in Calc?

I want to move entire column/row. I remember that it was possible in Excel with simple drag & drop but it is not working in Calc

I tried tragging while holding ctrl, alt, alt+ctrl, shift+alt ( How to move columns/rows in LO3.5 )

click + drag, with alt pressed after dragging started ( )

Nothing of this works as expected, either nothing happens or columns/rows are just marked.


It is necessary to drag not by column/row index but by one of cells. I found solution at [Solved] Swap two columns (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

Yeah, it’s a bit of a hidden feature, and I couldn’t find anything searching the help for ‘calc move column’.

So to move columns or rows, click on the header(s) to select them, then hold down Alt and drag one of the cells in the region to the new location.
To make a copy hold down Alt+Ctrl.
To just obliterate the destination don’t hold down any keys.

@bburns, in Ubuntu Unity 14.04 only the copy (Alt + Ctrl) works for me. If I hold alt Unity just drags the window around instead!

If you hold down the alt key and try to move the column/row/cell, it won’t work. Its important to press the mouse button first and then press the alt key.

Under OS X, I can’t seem to find any modifier keys that results in the original column being removed. It either copies to the new column, or else it creates a new column with the data and leaves behind an empty column.

Most Linux window managers have the feature of grabbing a window anywhere by holding down Alt (unless you disable it), whcih doesn’t work in Windows.
That means to drag cells in Libreoffice under Linux, you have normally to use Shift+Alt!


The (windows) procedure in video (English subtitles)

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I am using LibreOffice on Mac and on Linux (Ubuntu) in its recent versions, there I often need to move cells to re-arrange or re-order calculations.
The Shift-Alt key toggles the mouse operation to move the cells, but Ubuntu has that combination mapped to shift the language (keyboard).
Microsoft Office uses the Shift key to toggle to move (shift) the content of the cells, what is a very logical choice.
The shift key is currently mapped, what prevents LO from applying the same? - Please help! thx

Note, this doesn’t technically “move” the row/column as it does cut and paste them, because it doesn’t create a new row/column where you drag it. It overwrites an existing row/column.

I need some simple combination to move/shift cells.
M$ Excel does that in combination with the shift key.
What prevents LO from doing the same?

Here is one more option to move row(s), column(s), or cell(s) with simple drag & drop. Using LibreOffice Calc 5.x.:

1. Select the entire row(s)

To select the entire row(s) click on the Calc numbered columns located on the far left of any sheet.

Note: That column has darker background colors and is filled with automated row numbers.

2. Press and hold ALT key

Note: Cells are moved and shift the cells in the target area to the right or to the bottom. Source cells are emptied, except if you move within the same rows on the same sheet.
If you move within the same rows on the same sheet, the cells in the target area shift to the right, and then the whole row shifts to fill the source area.

3. Left click and hold any cell within that section

4. Using the mouse drag and drop the source row(s) to its destination

Note: Notice the dragged selection has a thick black border only on one side. A thick border on the left indicates vertical insertion mode, and a thick border on the left indicates horizontal insertion mode.

5. Release the mouse button

Done you have successfully moved row(s). To move column(s) redo the same steps as above but with column(s).

Source and more options to move columns, or rows, or cell with simple drag & drop at Moving Cells by Drag-and-Drop - LibreOffice Help

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This doesn’t work for me.

Best answer for me, since it contains the link to the best source of information (LibreOffice Help page). Cerin, the version you’re using may matter… I’m using version and I can move any selection simply with Alt+drag selection. If you don’t click and hold the Alt, the content will replace the destination. Above link explains it all.

I use Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS / MATE 1.24.0
To actual move the column (in my case) I have to do the steps a bit different!

  1. Select the entire column by selecting the column header.
  2. Left click and hold the button pressed down inside the marked column; do not release the button!
  3. Press and hold the Alt key (not Alt Gr).
  4. Use the mouse to drag the source column to its destination column. (Notice the bold vertical line that shows up between columns indicating where your source column will be moved when you drop in the next step!)
  5. Release the mouse button to drop the column to its destination.
  6. Yeah, you may release the Alt button now as well. :wink:

1) Select the cells you want to move. You can select either a rectangle, or a group of entire rows or columns using the top or left edge selectors, (but if so read step 2 carefully).

2) Next move inside one of the selected cells, and click and hold down. Important: do not click on a top or left edge selector. This click must be inside a seleced cell.

3) Then with the mouse button still down, press the Alt key and drag the mouse.

You may be able to reverse steps 2 and 3 on some systems. On Linux Debian/Cinnamon you must do this in the above order.

I had this working, and then couldn’t get it to work, only because it lacked a clear explanation of how to make it work.

Note that, for either complete rows (or columns) or not, the region ready for drag-and-drop has a different background and border color (light blue). In any case, you have to click anywhere inside that area for drag-and-drop.

I cannot get this to work using Linux Mint 17.1. First off, using alt + click is a shortcut to moving windows. If one disables this feature, then the functionality still doesn’t work. Nothing happens if one holds alt and tries to drag.

“If you hold down the alt key and try to move the column/row/cell, it won’t work. Its important to press the mouse button first and then press the alt key.” (from francorop in comment above) … this works for me w/ Cinnamon 3.2.7

I need to SHIFT-ALT, but in any case, it just cut/pastes the row column, it won’t move and insert the column.