LibreOffice 7.5 - change from dark mode to normal

Hello everybody,
I just have updated my LibreOffice to the 7.5 version.
There is a problem:
I use the windows dark mode, so that the LibreOffice also appears in the dark mode -
and there seems to be no way to bring it back to normal without changing the windows settings to the light version (what I don’t want).
In 7.4x there should have been a possibility - in 7.5 not anymore, and I also don’t want to downgrade.
any suggestions?
does anybody know the way how to make the programmers implement the “back to normal” solution again?
4 your support.

The LO 7.5 is a Prerelease version today. If you want to be a Tester then please report the bugs on the Bugreport site.
Most of users os this Ask site have installed one (or more) of the published versions only.