macro for checkbox in writer

I trying to create a ballot form for a local club using Writer. The form has 5 questions with 10 check boxes on it … agree or disagree … I trying to make it so that only one of the check boxes can be checked on each question…
Can anybody help

Ballot Test.odt


The only way to this with check boxes is by using macro to control it. Not the way to approach.

Instead use radio buttons. These are meant to select only a single item in a group. The group is set in the controls property on the General tab under Group name. Just give all controls within the same group (only one selected at a time) the same name such as Q1.

Have re-attached your sample with the first question changed to radio buttons.

Sample ------> ChangedBallotTest.odt


generally this is what radio buttons do - see the following sample file (added a Question 6 with radio buttons).


The important thing: Radio buttons belonging to the same group (see Group Name in Control Properties) define the mutually exclusive options).

Hope that helps