Text in Portrait but print in Landscape orientation

My text is typed in portrait orientation,but when I open printer it shows and print in landscape orientation.
Couldn’t find page set up.


Menu/Format/Page - Page?

Edited 20170807

Bug report:
PRINTs landscape despite configured as portrait (Mac OS)

The problem seems to relate to LETTER page format. The workaround (mentioned in comment 14 of bug mentioned by m.a.riosv) is to slightly shrink the page size in LibreOffice.

See also:

Wow, this bug is over 2 years old. Being able to properly print seems like a key function in a word processor.

We need a Mac developer to fix Mac-only bugs. Would you volunteer?

I have the same problem on my Mac. The same document printing to the same printer works fine from my PC. I believe it to be a bug.

I will also add that Print Preview shows it correctly oriented.

Version: on Mac OS Sierra

Just installed version 5.3.5002 on iMac with Mac OS Sierra and still has this same problem. Both suggested work arounds are awkward for a new user. Can this not be corrected, as I see later releases still have the same bug.

Another issue. Pages app from start up presents new document in 4 seconds, Word in even less time. Took me a full 17 seconds to get to a new Writer blank page from start up.

Same here (almost) ver 5.4.2 on OS X Sierra. Print Preview (Writer) shows incorrect orientation… (Calc) presents the correct orientation.
Also slow startup.