Writer DDE-Link to a ODS cell in column B filtered by name/key/id in column A possible?

The Calc ODS I use (Win10x64, LO contains 4 relevant columns (there are more) like in the example given below:

"link2ig","<a target=""_blank"" href=""https://instagram.com/de"" title=""Instagram"">instagram</a>","<a target=""_blank"" href=""https://instagram.com/it"" title=""Instagram"">instagram</a>","<a target=""_blank"" href=""https://instagram.com/en"" title=""Instagram"">instagram</a>",

Because the row numbers will not remain stable instead of using a “fixed” DDE-Link like
soffice c:\PathToFile\Text-Snippets.ods snippets.B3
I would like to “filter” by the name/key/id in column A (“snippet-name”) so for example “link2ig” and show the corresponding column B (in this case B3). Similarly I would like to call content in columns C and D.
I did not find documentation or examples regarding such filtering in Writer DDE Links.
Is this possible?


It looks as if you try to create a database report from a csv file in the most complicated, convoluted way possible.

@Villeroy : I’m sorry but in my understanding what I’m trying can not be called a “database report”. I’m trying to list/output single cell contents from a sheet (ODS) on various individual places in a ODT Writer document layout. If there is a much easier way then fields with DDE-Link with automatic update, I’m surely interested.

I interpret this comma separated and quoted string as one line (or 3 lines?) of a csv file. Csv has nothing to do with spreadsheets, even though most office users do not know any application to handle csv other than spreadsheets. Whatever kind of spreadsheet or text file you are talking about, you should upload the file, so everybody can see what snippets.B3 refers to.

Maybe this thead can help on the backgound:

This is the link to a HTML output of the spreadsheet: snippetsheet - Google Drive

If useful I will upload also a ODS version.

Mail merge document:
merge_biblio.odt (29.3 KB)

This is the most simple method based on a dBase database that is installed with LibreOffice, thus available to you and me. Something similar could be done with a spreadsheet, which I never recommend. Simply save your spreadsheet as a dBase file (*.dbf) in a dedicated database directory. Then connect a new Base document to this dBase directory. In Writer hit Ctrl+Shift+F4, select the table in your database and drag column headers into your text document.

Thank you: Ctrl+Shift+F4 and as well Ctrl+F9 are useful. In the data source window it seems a connection to a Base file would allow selection of Queries. Then creation of (SQL) Queries to the data in a Table could allow to call the desired content. However in Writer I was not able to include this, for example with fields > Database > Any record
The mail merge fields method does not work in my case because I need to call content in “one column” like in “de” filtered by snippet-name column, while mail merge cycles trough content in one row by the names in the header. Maybe in Base a Transpose operation on the table would allow to use mail merge fields feature. However my usage is still different from a serial document: instead of having a page with constant template text (in one language) and various fields from one row called on that page and from the next row in the following page, I would have a different language (3 in total) on the following page.

Right-click your database in the left pane of the data source window and choose “Edit database”. This loads a Base document with the connection indicated in the status bar. In case of the built-in “Bibliography” it is a dBase database located in your LibreOffice user profile. Switch to the queries section and click “Create query in SQL view”.

SELECT * FROM "biblio" WHERE "Identifier" = :Please_Enter_Identifier

Save and close the query and run it.

I was already able to create queries and run them successfully - in Base they showed what was interesting - I interpret this it what “close and run it” means. However except for the mail merge fields method (which without transpose does not work in my case) I’m not able to call/output the queries in the Writer ODT so far.
I think only DDE filtered output (if even possible, IMHO the most “logical” approach) or a LO Basic Macro Script is able to output what I need - unless table transpose + mail merge fields is used.