Macro each sqrt downwards, multiplied by consecutive number sideways. Advice

Can LibreCalc quickly be able to list the square roots downwards, multiplied by consecutive number sideways?

To make a multiplication table for the square roots.

Welcome! Yes, it can.
In what form would you like to see the result: in the form of a macro code, in the form of a Calc formula, or in the form of a ready-made table with numbers?

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I got to make sure the numbers are correct. And so a macro code or calc formula would allow me to make sure the numbers are correct. Thank you kindly.

I’ll be excited to see what @JohnSUN comes up with. Meanwhile, this is a simple way to do what I think is wanted here. Check the numbers!
CRCLivesAgain.ods (31.5 KB)


How many rounding places does LibreCalc offer, do you know? I count 14 to be the limit.

Could you add a Divide Increment? So we can multiple and divide. Yeah.

I wanted to change 1-20 to 21-40; 1-7 to 7-14. Can it go down further than that? Looking for a way to change the starting increment.

Liking how it can go to higher numbers. By changing the base increment to any number.

Overall I am very impressed. Do reply with in updated improvements @joshua4 . Grateful!

Thanks to @joshua4. Competent and thorough.
Or use Multiple Operations (two inputs).

CRCLivesAgain_MO.ods (38.8 KB)
MO stands for “Multiple Operations”.


Use @eeigor’s Multiple Operations (MO tab), and you can change the formula in $B$3 to anything you want. It’s almost a universal table that way. From:




for dividing, for example.

To get larger values, you can just use AutoFill to extend the table as far as you need. Highlight a row or column and drag the little red box in the lower right corner of the highlighted region to fill down or across.

I’ve modified all the tabs a little to let you set the starting values if, in fact, you want a smaller table but with higher values.

CRCLivesAgain_MO.ods (42.2 KB)

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Is there another search bar that is intended to be used?
I searched for a number but there was no key match found.

What is the formula to have the table divide? It can not multiply to divide below 1. I change what to what? Forgive me. I am so new at this.

Can there be a Base End in addition to Base Start? And a Multiplier End too.

I like how universal the table is. @joshua4 What you are making may be wikimedia worthy.

In my own research and development purposes, I am unable to remove the periods without causing error. My endeavor is to search polygon numbers taken from CAD and match them to multiples of square root divided by something else. With the right table this will be easy. For that, I think I need to remove the dot to find the number regardless of decimals. Is it possible to make a search bar search the entire table wide and far?

Make the table as wide or tall as possible by extending the rows and columns as outlined above. To do fractional values for Base or Multiplier, set BaseStart to, say, .01 and BaseIncrement to .01, then extend the table down until you get to 1. Similarly, set MultiplierStart to your first fraction and MultiplierIncrement to your fraction increment, then extend the table to the right.

Searching is a little trickier. I’ll be happy to see what others come up with, to avoid the decimal point (or comma for some regions). Until then, check out this version and see if that is the kind of thing you are wanting. On this, I have only modified the PowerTable tab, to just try it out to see if it is what you are looking for. You will have to accept macros for this, so be aware.

CRCLivesAgain_MO.ods (54.7 KB)

Yes, we can change things but I think the table lacks a Division Increment.

B$3$ is located where?




Search Value has not functioned for me. Does #VALUE! change when search results are found? Nothing happens when a match is searched.

Never-mind about the decimal. We can calibrate to the one.

$B$3 cell on PowerTable_MO tab.

Back on PowerTable tab, test Search Value with small numbers, like 35. You should see several possible “hits” show up across the top in a small table configuration from E4 to I8.

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I am still here listening. Searching 35 [enter] did nothing. Is pressing enter how the search commences? I really need to change this thing into divide. I cant find B$3$; Cell B3 is empty.
Today work was all trial and error but no results. I would like to offer you @joshua4 a reward for all the effort. Something like an amazon gift card code. Except this forum has no private message or profile page. I can’t know its you if I give out my email. Granted that there be a tab for dividing increment.

Try this. No need to worry about compensation…the forum is all about lending a hand.

CRCLivesAgain_MO2.ods (60.3 KB)

We help without asking for anything in return, and the payment is that we live (Albert Schweitzer, double translation, close to the text).

That's a great solution. Let me ask you: @joshua4, what is your profession?