Lubuntu 20.04, LibreOffice My Samsung ML 1610 printer does not print text correctly through LibreOffice. It prints graphics correctly

The printer works fine with other software such as Thunderbird Mail and qpdfview.
It was working fine in the earlier version of LibreOffice.
Kindly let me know what to do?


there have been various problems reported on initial installs of LibreOffice on Ubuntu 20.04 based systems as there are:

  • Offline Help doesn’t not load
  • PDF exports not working
  • Image processing not working
  • Printing issues

Most of them could be fixed by the procedure described in answer to question Cannot print anything, exporting to PDF produces blank PDF (Lubuntu 20.04)

Hope that helps.

Thank you! After reinstall of LibreOffice as suggested in the link, it is working perfectly.
Thanks for your time.

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