Nothing works in new install (Windows 7 Pro)

Running WIN 7 Pro. Just installed I see basic menu screen but no items work. Selecting any “new” yields white screen. Opening an existing text document yields black screen. Re-downloaded and reinstalled : no help. Rt click menus appear normal (But, of course, have no targets?) Options menu appears normal but no item is live. Was running a recent version without problems on this box. I have Administrator user status.

Those sound like classic symptoms of the OpenGL bug (causes blank screens if preset or enabled in v4.4) (causes black screens if preset or enabled in v5.0) (is on by default in v5.1) (good grief) (+ causes non-printing of images - see bottom).

From Q61182, the switch is accessed:-

(menu):Tools→Options→View (uncheck use OpenGL)

(menu):Tools→Options→LibreOffice→View (uncheck Use OpenGL + ForceOpenGL) (v5.1)

From Q45801, a slightly more complicated fix is to change one or more of 2 settings within registrymodifications.xcu within the personal profile folder (Q62646) whilst LO is NOT running (below are the values that you want):-

[Windows system drive letter]:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user

<prop oor:name="ForceOpenGL" oor:op="fuse"><value>false</value></prop>
<prop oor:name="UseOpenGL" oor:op="fuse"><value>false</value></prop>

From Q61182, an easier, though slightly scary, method is available for Windows by using a reg-file to hack the Registry & switch OFF all OpenGL processing:-

  1. save this file as ‘opengl.reg’
  1. double-click on the file
  2. that’s it! (the Registry editor places those entries into the Registry)

This is what that file from step-1 looks like:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Update March 11 re: “Unable to Print Images”

The exact self-same issue as above is also responsible for tdf#94851 (“Images are not printed (paper and PDF) with OpenGL activated”) and is fixed by the same methods. See also Q59473.

Patches have been committed to fix this in all versions (2015-12-12), although I am uncertain whether they are any more than switching OpenGL off by default.

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Patches have been committed to fix this in all versions (2015-12-12), although I am uncertain whether they are any more than switching OpenGL off by default.

Last patch (v5.0.5) was 2015-12-14 and the patches were a proper fix to bitmap handling i.e., partly amending internal method use and changing Windows bitmap handling from RGB to BGR.

Many thanks for that addition, oweng.

OK. In an excess of caution I did several things:

    1. ran sfc /scannow 2) ran MSIEXEC
      Unregister and reregister the Windows
      Installer ) 3) Started and stopped
      the Windows Installer Service ,
      confirmed MANUAL status 4) Closed all
      applications 5) Installed 5.103 msi
      executable. Installed Help package.
    2. Rebooted (having not yet opened
      the new install) 7) Opened 5.103
      using Run As Administrator 8) Voila!!

Are you f*cking kidding me? I’ve got to do all that to get an upgrade of an installed piece of software (LO 4.4.3.x) to work? What a piece of sh#t. I guess I’ll try these instructions and report back.

Good grief.

I tried 5.0.5, (beta) both 32-bit and 64-bit of both as well as 32-bit version of 5.1.0. NONE worked. NONE would display. Sometimes the menus functioned, other times they did not (e.g. File > Exit LibreOffice failed to close the window OR exit LibreOffice.)

I re-installed the 32-bit version of LO 4.4.2. At least that still worked.

I tried the fix suggested by Alex but to no avail.
I’m using the 64 bit version on Win 10 and get the access violation on the spreadsheet and drawing utilities, both of which I have used a lot. It happens whenever I try to make any change to a drawing or spreadsheet.

Is there a timeline for the fix? LO is a great tool but I’m going to have to find alternatives. I do not want to manually change the registry.