Using appendix headers

My LO writer version is

I would like to use chapters, with numbering (level 1 and 2). This work fine, using Heading 1 and Heading 2 style.
I have special page styles. The header of left page contains the chapter name of heading 1, the right page contains the chapter numbering, level 1 + 2, and the chapter name of level 2. This also works fine. This all is used in the index, which also works fine.

But I get struck with appendix.
I have special appendix page styles, left and right. I would like the appendix be similar as the chapters, but without the numbering.

The page numbering in the appendix is fine.

So on my left page I just want the name “Appendix” in the header, without any numbering (which is similar to Heading 1, but without numbering). On the right page I want just “Appendix one” in the header (which is similar two heading 2, but without numbering).

The suggestion of ajlittoz in How to Create a “Master” Document With An Endnotes Section Header and Which Has Documents Following The Endnotes? - #2 by ajlittoz

… it is fully manual while there is a perfectly integrated method of doing it, parallel to Heading n.

Looks perfect. But I have no idea how to achieve this.

Other suggestions:
Chapter numbering that doesn't reset does not work for me. First I do not need numbering for the appendix. And second, I have to convert all my documents levels. My current Heading 1 must be changed into Heading 2 for all documents. And so for all lower levels. This is to much work for my existing documents.
The idea of styling is simplify an uniform the style with less work. This would be, just for problems with a few headers, the opposite.

I read in Chapter numbering that doesn't reset - #2 by ajlittoz

…if I you do not need (chapter) numbering, and I don’t to use a workaround.

I do not need chapter numbering, so this might work. But I have no idea how to achieve this.

I did use a special style named “Heading 1 appendix” and “Heading 2 appendix”. This seems to work at first. With the only drawback the index is not updated. That is understandable, the new heading is no “real” heading compared with the Heading n. I can update the index manually, that is no problem to me.
But the headers do have the same value, for all pages. This I do not want. Even typing the header value manually does not work. The header value is copied in all pages.

I tried further to use use defined fields but that failed. The value of standard field do change depending on the circumstances, like chapter number, chapter name, page number. But if I do so the value is fixed for all pages. It seems a bug according to Writer: header/footer, variables and conditional text

The solution described in

… parallel to Heading n.

seems the most attractive to me. It uses the official styling. But if some hardcoded would be needed, i will go for that. Appendix with (continues) chapter numbering is a no go for me.

The attached files could give a better idea what I desired. In the appendix sub-document I hardcoded the header as example. But this header is not used in the master. My preference is also not to use hardcoding, but this is the best way to show what I would like.

10_00_Introduction.odt (15.2 KB)
10_10_introduction_text.odt (18.1 KB)
20_00_Chapter_start.odt (15.3 KB)
20_10_first_real chapter.odt (26.9 KB)
20_20_second_real chapter.odt (27.0 KB)
30_00_Chapter_to_continue.odt (15.6 KB)
30_10_body_chapter_one.odt (28.5 KB)
30_10_chapter_to continue_one.odt (27.0 KB)
30_10_chapter_to continue_two.odt (27.1 KB)
30_20_body_chapter_two.odt (28.5 KB)
100_00_appendix_general.odt (15.4 KB)
100_10_appendix_one.odt (25.9 KB)
100_20_appendix_two.odt (26.0 KB)
200_00_appendix_special.odt (15.4 KB)
200_10_appendix_special_one.odt (27.3 KB)
200_20_appendix_special_two.odt (27.4 KB)
Desired_content.odt (17.9 KB)
Left_page_with_footer.odt (14.7 KB)
Master_with_appendix.odm (23.7 KB)
rightpage with footer.odt (14.5 KB)
rightpage with footer appendix.odt (14.6 KB) (19.6 KB)

Could you please describe clearly what you want in your appendices? i.e. a simple and clear specification.
I understand you have two problems:

  • appendix numbering (covers the case of appendices without number): which kind? independent of chapter numbering?
  • appendix page style configuration: you don’t want the numbering, but which one? page number or appendix number?

You say your appendix headings are not entered into the TOC. Have you configured the outline level of your Heading n appendix?

If possible, attach a “public” (non-confidential) sample document to your question.

@ajlittoz I changed my request to answer your questions, and I uploaded the files, which looks very larger, but is quite clear I hope. A correct index, has to me me very low priority, the correct header of the appendix is important to me. And I do not know how to solve.

You suffer from a small shortsighting in your custom style definitions for Heading 1 appendix, Heading 2 appendix, Heading 2 introduction and Heading 3 samenvatting.

All these styles where created by deriving them from the corresponding Heading n. To avoid problems, Writer erases the outline level so that no “strange” behaviour occurs in Tools>Chapter Numbering.

Set the correct Outline level: in Outline & List tab of the paragraph styles (template file) and you’re done after quitting the open documents and reloading them for style auto-update

The appendix headers will be automatically adjusted as you expect. No need to add another page style or fiddle with it. Bonus: your TOC is also fully generated.

I just noticed a little “error” in the right page header: the field for the level-2 chapter numbering reads Chapter name. I don’t know why it gives the correct display but it should be changed to Chapter number otherwise you’ll get twice the chapter/appendix name.

PS: I don’t understand why you force manual insertion of an empty Left_page_with_footer.odt at end of your chapters. Consedering the left/right constraint on your chapter styles and the text flow property of Heading 1, this manual insertion is useless. Writer can insert blank pages on its own to abide by the parity constraint. Therefore, you don’t need to care for the parity yourself and add/remove the intermediate page when you edit your book. The only difference is automatically inserted blank page are “full blank”, i.e. they are not numbered. But it is very common to have such blank unnumbered pages in traditional typography.

@ajlittoz I am positive surprised with how little effort this can be solved. It reminds me how important it is, to really understanding styles. Which I am trying to learn.

Your PS. I know writer can insert blank pages, but it is indeed without page numbering. I feel this is important, so I keep this method.

I do not understand your mentioned little “error” My desire is a numbering with level 1 and 2. And the name of the chapter 2 level. To do so I added two different fields with a space between them. If I go to the sub-document right-click the field, and select in the pop-up “edit fields …” I see for the numbers "chapter number, with level 2. And for the chapter name I see the chapter name also with level 2. And it displays a I desire.

Then there might be a little “glitch” between your version and mine ( It reads Chapter name but I get the result as if it were Chapter number. As I mentioned, I don’t understand why it works. So let’s ignore it for the time being but let’s keep it in our minds in case it pops up again.