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Formatting of new rows in Tables with LibreOffice Writer

Good Afternoon

I am using LifeOffice (version under Linux MINT. I am having problems with understanding how and why Writer sets the formatting of new table rows in a document.

I have a two column table. The left column is in Portuguese; the right column in English. I am using the FreeSans font at 10pt in both columns, everywhere in the table.

When I insert a new row anywhere in the table the formatting for that row is the same font but at 12pt, and the new left-hand cell is formatted as English (not Portuguese). I would have thought it should keep the formatting of the table (at least the rows) around it. If I use a different font and different point size for the table the problem still occurs.

Can anyone explain to me why this happens? It is a nuisance to have to keep setting the language and font size every time I add new rows to a table.

I would have attached the file, however, I get some bizarre error (">3 points required to upload files") when I try to attach same.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.

regards Stephen Meatheringham Canberra, Australia I have attached a simple copy of the table - ODT format.