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Libre Office Outline Numbering from Word not working

Hi all,

I am currently facing following problem. A Document which is created in Word and saved as docx has a numbering Style like this: 0. 0.1 ... 0.2 ...

But when I open the Document in Libre Office the Numbering starts at 1: 1. 1.1 1.2

First Question: Is there a Setting influencing this and can it be set to be the default for the import of the Document?

I cannot change the way the numbering is provided by Word, as I cannot influence the document, when it is created. The other thing is, that Libre office is running headless in an Application and the fix must be made by a config file?

I can change the document to reflect the style in Libre Office with the gui of course, by formating the paragraph:

Paragraph -> Outline and Numbering -> Numbering Style -> WWNum2 -> Edit Style

Then I can set the start of the Numbering to 0.

But I need to change this to be the default when opening such a document. Is there a way to get this thing fixed?