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Writer: Combining character styles, changed behaviour?

LO and, Fedora 26 & 27, KDE desktop

I am editing a technical document whose original version was written with previous versions of LO (don't remember wihch but surely 4.x series, maybe some last release in 3.x series).

In paragraphs describing software API, procedure and arguments are cited using Source Text character formatting* Within this quptation, procedure name is highlighted with Strong Emphasis. The procedure template lives in a Text Body paragraph.

Adding new API entry points, I try to mimic this old formatting but when I apply Strong Formatting, Source Text underneath is lost.

I know that only one character styles may be applied, but I wonder how multiple (at least two) character styles were possible.

Did specification change when upgrading to 5.x series in favour of more rigorous style behaviour? i.e. not having styles processed internally in a special way (like present Internet Link)?

The obvious workaround is to define a new character style linked to Source Text but I'm puzzled by the original file. The work flow in it is closer to Quark XPress I practised long ago. Can anybody explain this queer state?

If needed, I can have a look at the XML and expose here what I find.