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Change page colour - margin remains white


I want to change the page colour to black when I write cause this white is destroying my eyes. So I just found how to do it via the Page Layout / Page Settings / Colour. However, when I do change the colour to black, it only covers the area where text will be written - the margin around the page remains white. Why is that and how can I make everything black, the entire page?

That being said, what do you guys think of making an easy-on-the-eyes reading/writing option where everything turns black with one click, but will remain white when the page is printed? How can we get this idea to the development team?

FYI, I'm using LibreOffice 5 on SuSE with the experimental MS Office-like ribbon view (looks much better, however it's harder to find help online this way and I don't know how to get back the standard view (nor do I want to do it - hopefully this will become the default look in the application one day!)