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Comparative test: linked workbooks fail to transition from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux

Following my earlier queries (listed below), I've undertaken a comparative test of linked workbooks in Excel/Windows and Calc/Linux.

The test sought to replicate the experience of a user wanting to migrate from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux via a sync agent of Google Drive.

Unfortunately, the findings of this test suggest that Calc cannot successfully, or consistently, link workbooks. This means that it isn't feasible to migrate from Excel/Windows to Calc/Linux.

The full test documentation is linked below. The findings are in file "documentation Excel v Calc linked books named ranges test.*". The test workbooks and loads of screenshots are present. The full documentation is zipped in "full package- Excel v Calc linked books named ranges".

This issue asks for a detailed peer review, not quick fixes. It could take a developer up to 4 hours to review the documentation and understand it, then a further 16 hours to re-test/re-prove/disprove the findings.

Documentation of the test:


Prior issues: