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Creating a PDF from screen which has some hidden rows and columns.

I created a csv file from a vendors database on Windows 10 from a Chrome browser. When I opened the file all was fine and good. The date field populated in American format mm/dd/yyyy and since there were many records from the same day it was easy to analyse, edit whatever. However, the vendor had some issues with Chrome and as a result when I wanted to create a new csv file it would not let me. So I went to Microsoft Edge and was able to download the csv file. When I opened the file it populated the date filed in the Canadian format of dd/mm/yyyy. I am Canadian but it would be nice to have consistency and since I was used to the American format I would like to know how to resolve this issue. For example, my file shows a date as 08/04/2018 which corresponds to April 8. How do I change that to show the same date but to look as follows: 04/08/2018