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Calc document has changed into Writer document. How can this happen?

I maintain a spreadsheet on my desktop computer which I update daily. Yesterday I added an entry to the spreadsheet from my laptop computer over my WiFi network. I closed the spreadsheet and when asked if I wanted to save the details said I did. However the spreadsheet didn't close and I got the revolving circle. I left it and came back to it later. The revolving circle and the file had disappeared. I thought I'd check that my entry had been saved so opened the file again. The file that opened was not the one that I'd closed! Although the file name showed the .ods extension the page was headed "LibreOffice Writer" and was indeed a Writer document consisting of a blank page without any grid lines; all the data from my spreadsheet had disappeared. I looked at "Properties" which showed the file as an ods one even though it's clearly a Writer document. Fortunately, I have a backup copy of the spreadsheet on an external drive but I'd be grateful if anyone could explain what could have happened to change the document type in this way with consequent loss of all data and whether such data can be recovered.