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Missing Files/Disappeared

I noticed the other night that two of my files I had been working on the most weren't on my computer. I usually opened them via the recent tab on my libreoffice and I had removed them from the recent for some reason. But I always kept them in an easy space to open them.

I hadn't touched the files in a few weeks maybe a month or so and hadn't really thought they would just be gone. I tried looking for them using the search feature in my desktop and couldn't find them. So I googled some options and one was trying to access an older backup of the file. That doesn't work. So I read that there's a recovery program that has a free download you can try and I downloaded it. I seem to have maybe found the one program but seeing as I don't want to pay 97 dollars, I'm going to try to rewrite my work using the program's preview. Now as for the other file I can't find it anywhere in the recovery program or anywhere on my computer. I've searched words I know were in it and nothing. All I can find is an older version of it before I saved it as a different file months back.

I figure it's probably gone for good and that's terrible because that was two years worth of work but any help would be appreciated. I'm using a lenovo with windows 10. This is the first issue from Libre I've ever had and frankly it's almost enough to make me stop using it.