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Error saving in Impress. 'due to insufficient user rights.'

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System: Win 10 Pro

LO Version: 6.1.5 ( conservative )

  1. The message" The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights." jump out each time I start IMPRESS.

  2. And the template I've download can't be saved as pptx (then LO not responding), but can when default template does.

  3. An alternative way is to save my template as default format, then change the extension to pptx.

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    BUT, even i can edit/save then, when i open this file in another Windows with MS Office, it always jump out message "powerpoint found a problem with content in pptx. powerpoint can attempt to repair the presentation"

    and this would be alternatively solved by change extension from 'pptx' i've just changed, to odp.

However, this is not a good way to go so long, and I don't skilled in program coding or VBA, etc.

Hope anyone can give some hint to solve those questions,

TKS a lot.