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How to troubleshoot LO 6.1.5 launch failure on Windows 10?

Hi, I recently installed LO 6.1.5 (and subsequently 6.1.6) on Windows 10 x64. The splash screen shows up, the progress bar makes it about half way along then the splash screen disappears and nothing. Windows Task Manager shows soffice.exe and soffice.bin running but then both disappear. I can start it in safe mode, but it will NOT start normally. I've disabled OpenGL, via registry settings, but that does not help. I've disabled, rebooted, reinstalled, but the problem persists. I've uninstalled, rebooted, installed 6.1.6, but the problem persists.

I would like to know how to troubleshoot what is causing the launch failure. This question seems to come up frequently, but I have not found any information related to how to determine the root cause of the failure. Is there some sort of logging of the startup that can be enabled?