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How to create categories of cells so I can reference to them in other sheet?


I am trying to create a monthly budget sheet. It consists of 2 sheets. The first sheet consists of 2 columns - column EXPENSE_TYPE and column AMOUNT. An example:

EXPENSE_TYPE | AMOUNT Travel 1007$ Food 300$ Utilities 54$

The second sheet is listing all the transactions that I made during particular month, so it has columns of DATE, EXPENSE_TYPE and AMOUNT. An example:

DATE | EXPENSE_TYPE | AMOUNT 20190901 Food 23$ 20190902 Utilities 15$ 20190903 Travel 315$ 20190903 Food 22$

My goal is to bind the EXPENSE_TYPE and AMOUNT columns in Sheet1 and Sheet2, so that when I fill in data in Sheet2, the AMOUNT column with appropriate EXPENSE_TYPE row in Sheet1 is automatically updated. In my given example above, you can see that in Sheet2 there are 2 rows of Food expenses. So the sum of these expenses (23$ + 22$ = 45$) should automatically be calculated and displayed in Sheet1 column AMOUNT and row Food.

How can I do it? And maybe you could tell how this thing that I want to implement is called officialy? Binding? Referencing? Something else?

Thank you