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Reference to cell address from value in other cell


I would like to address a cell by address from other cell (value). Example:

A1 have value "TEST" A2 have value "OTHER" A3 have value "A2" A4 should have value "OTHER" (read from A2) Changing A3 value to "A1" cell A4 should change to "TEST"

I would like to use it in =SUM() function as:

B1: =SUM(A1:A10) sums all values from row A from columns 1 to 10 but I would like to be able to change A1:A10 values not by editing function =SUM but by editing other cells:

B2: "A3" B3: "A7" B1: =SUM(VALUE_FROM_B2:VALUE_FROM_B3) so it would be =SUM(A3:A7) but it should be responsive to B2 and B3 changes.