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does LibreOffice have a desktop publisher? If not, could it be added?

I'm wondering if LibreOffice has a desktop publishing app in it that can make publishing things like brochures easier.

I'm hoping has one, and, if it does, can use .pub (MS Office Publisher) files, since the school I go to uses MS Office Publisher.

If it doesn't, could it be added that way people wouldn't have to install a separate program like Scribus?

What I'm looking for:

-LibreOffice publishing app that uses templates to do things like brochures, note cards, etc. -LibreOffice publishing app must be compatible with .pub files, which are MS Office Publisher's native format (could this be done with adding an import/export filter for .pub, or it it more complicated?) -If LibreOffice publishing app is not included in LibreOffice, please add it in another update so people won't have to install a publishing program along side LibreOffice (This update could be 5.0.0 or something later since it would take a while to code it, design it and add it to LibreOffice)