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Get sheet names as a list

Hey guys,

i am kinda stuck right now,... I got a workbook with lets say 10 sheets. These sheets have other names than sheet1, something like abc, hjk, wer etc..

And in my last sheet, i want to have a list of all sheets but the last 3, so i want to list the names of sheet 1 to 6. I also want to get values from these sheets in my summary, fe =abc.$M$59, =hjk.$M$59, wer.$M$59. (Which is the same cell in every sheet 1-6)

The reason why I don't want to do this by hand is that I am going to add sheets over time (between 1 and 6, while the last 3 will always stay the same) That's why I want them to be added automatically, the name and the value.

I hope you guys can understand what I am trying to do and can help me.