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[calc] automatically jump to cell?

I don't expect it to be possible, however I will ask the question and who knows ...

Let's say I create a spreadsheet consisting of 2 columns. In the first cell of each row I type some text, and in the second cell I insert the date by pressing a shortcut. After inserting the date by using the keyboard shortcut, I have to press TAB to go to the next cell. Since I've protected all of the cells, except the ones in the 2 columns, my cursor automatically moves to the first cell of the next row.

Now, I wonder ... would it be possible to have the cursor automatically move to the next row WITHOUT having to press TAB first? Or is something like that an illusion?

So first i type some text in cell A1. Then I enter the date in B1 by pressing the shortcut, and after the date is inserted the cursor automatically moves to A2. In all fairness, I don't expect this to be possible ... but maybe someone can confirm this ... or not???