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Writer - Select all text/paragraph with same formatting

Hello, I would like to request feature for Writer selecting all text or paragraph (functionality for both) with same formatting.

To demonstrate why, imagine following scenario:

  1. You have received document with direct formatting or pasted text with HTML formatting
  2. You want to replace e.g. headings (that are paragraphs with font size 16 and bold) with style Heading 2.
  3. Using new feature, one could right click one of headings, select Select all paragraphs with same formatting and they would be selected. With the selection using Clear direct formatting delete direct format and then select style Heading 2

The same might apply for text styling. Imagine selecting all directly formatted italic text, clearing direct formatting and selecting character style Emphasis.

Maybe small feature improvement for applying style - when selecting style with modifier, e.g. Option/Alt, LO would clear direct formatting of selected text and then applied the style.